Badalgachhi girls are giving surprises in women’s handball

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Sports desk: The ‘women’s handball team’ of Badalgachhi in Naogaon is spreading the light of handball in the midst of hundreds of obstacles including financial crisis. This team has achieved the glory of being the best in the country in the youth games. At one time various rumors were heard from the locals about these girls, but now everyone is full of praise. Leaving behind hundreds of obstacles and rumors including financial crisis, these girls want to present themselves in the world including Bangladesh by playing handball. The concerned people think that handball girls will be able to take Bangladesh far by overcoming the shortage if they get permanent government facilities.

It is learned that Lavanyaprabha Girls High School is a traditional school in Badalgachhi upazila. Most of the girls in this school are indigenous, poor and helpless but very talented. In 1999, a women’s handball team was formed with girls through an inter-district handball tournament at Lavanya Prabha Girls’ High School. Since then the path of this team began. These girls from low-income families living below the poverty line cannot eat three meals a day. All of them have to continue their studies with difficulty through hundreds of shortages. Some of the girls’ fathers are van drivers and some are day laborers. Again someone’s father is a farmer. Yet there are many dreams in their eyes. These handball girls of fickle nature and mischief are all students of Badalgachhi Lavanyaprabha Pilot and Community Girls High School and Badalgachhi Women’s College.

So far at the national level, they have twice been fourth, twice third, once runner-up and in 2016 they have won the Bangladesh Youth Games. The team is runners-up in youth handball in 2016, third in the Federation Cup in 2016 and fourth in 2020. At present there are 15 female players in this team.

Team member Purnima Rani has toured Thailand, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Nepal and Shahida India, Nepal and Swarna India, Nazmin India on behalf of the national team.

The other members of the team play at the national level. Besides, 2 of the players are working in police, 1 in BJMC, 2 in Ansar Bahini and 1 in army. But due to the financial crisis, the path of this party has become very difficult.

Badalgachhi Upazila Sports Association assistant secretary and coach Rajat Goswami told Daily Sangbad that he plays handball over hundreds of problems and obstacles of neighbors. But the financial crisis is one of the biggest problems of this group. We have many dreams about this team. So we’re trying to do something better. The coordinator is dreaming of hope in the midst of hundreds of obstacles.

M Zaman Pintu, general secretary of Badalgachhi Upazila Sports Association, said it was not just the sports body or the handball federation. He also called upon the sportspersons of the society to come forward.
Naogaon District Sports Officer Abu Zafar Mahmuduzzaman said, “Sports organizations are cooperating all the time.” But not everything can be accomplished by the government alone. The trend of cooperation will continue in the future as well.

Muha Abu Tahir, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, President of the Sports Association, said, “Our handball girls are the pride of this Upazila. Not only this upazila but the whole of Bangladesh is proud. And they are very poor so the upazila administration helps them as much as possible at different times. This trend will continue in the future as well. However, along with the administration, the rich people of the society also come forward. In fact, this handball team of ours will one day take Bangladesh far away and brighten the face of the country.

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